Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness

Well spring break is here and I am officially "on break." It hasn't been too enjoyable so far... report cards and sub plans today. Then after the kids went to bed I cut out laminate for review centers that we will be doing after spring break. Needing to start on my weekly tasks for my graduate class, but not feeling the motivation. I was really wanting to go home and visit my parents, but not sure I can make that happen. We have a 1st birthday to go to tomorrow and church on Sunday. Then I really need to get laundry, house cleaned, and everything packed in order to be ready to leave for Chicago. The kids are going to Joy's part time Mon-Wed, just so I can get something done! We leave for Chicago on Thursday morning... once I am on that train I think it will really feel like spring break! I am excited and nervous about our first trip! It's going to be a wild experience, especially because Amanda will be traveling with me! With the kids being so mobile I am worried the train ride is going to be a LONG one :)
Speaking of the kiddos they are changing every so quickly. Every day they seem to find a new nook or cranny in the house to explore. They are busy bodies and I love it! They keep me on my toes and enjoy every giggle, scream, and smile! They will be 11 months soon, which totally freaks me out! Brett is supposed to be working on their invitations this weekend, so hopefully their birthday party will be official soon!