Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A dip in the pool.

So Sunday we took our first dip in the pool at Amanda's house. We were filling up her pool and the water was ICE cold, but it was so hot it felt good. So we just sat in it as it filled up and enjoyed the sun. When the kids woke up from their nap we let them try it out. Max did not like the cold so we sat his floaty on a raft and he barely touched the water. Siddalee wanted to jump right in, however she didn't last long :)
Then on Monday we filled up the baby pool at our house and got in that evening. The kids LOVED it! We got in again today, but the water was almost too warm. The temperature was like bath water, so I ended up splashing half of it out and adding some cool water. Kids liked playing with the hose anyway. It's hard to get them to come in the house after playing in the pool! Summer fun!
And now we begin our adventure tomorrow of not being home for almost 3 weeks! Long story short we have reason after reason to be out of town. My poor husband will be quite lonely, but I am sure he will enjoy every bit of it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer is here!

Well, after yesterday I was feeling a little unsuccessful after my first day home with the kiddos! It was hard to keep them busy and it was difficult working out a schedule. However, I have to say today was a 100 times better. We finally got a schedule down and I can only foresee a little bit of tweaking. But I have to also keep in mind with all the traveling and other activities we have these first few weeks it will be hard to keep with it. I am really looking forward to this summer with my two beautiful babies!
I am also trying to keep up with my 2 masters classes which are fun classes but boy do they have a lot of work to go with them! I also saw the email that the district sent out about the workshop I am teaching mid June. So I was also starting to think about how and what I want to do for that.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sidda is walking!!

So all of a sudden in the last three or four days, Siddalee has just taken off in walking. She walks everywhere and when she falls down she just gets right back up. I knew it was just a matter of time, but now that she is actually doing it, it's hard to believe! I just smile every time I see her wobbling around. Max is definitely got his eye on her, he's been showing a few brave moves of his own. I think he'll be walking sooner now that Sidda is. Her walking has also made her more brave in being a little bully to Max. Now that she can get away faster she just walks by bops him on the head and keeps on walking by. It's actually pretty hilarious!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aww... a night to myself!

...well sort of. After taking a kids on a walk, feeding them dinner, showing around the Friday babysitter, and getting the kids bathed, a night to myself. Brett is out test driving a car and I am sitting in front of the tv watching Grey's Anatomy. Laundry is going. My glass of wine an arm lengths away. I am so relaxed it's amazing.
I wish I was posting some cute craft or new recipe I have tried but this me time is absolute bliss!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Well my morning didn't start off as dreamy as I had hoped, with a baby running a fever and a sleepy husband, however it ended nicely. We had a wonderful trip to the Legends. We ate at Famous Dave's, which I love, love, love! Then we headed over to the shopping area. Ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes for the kids, how did that happen? OH well they were super cute and one of the pairs was only $1.89 and that was with tax!! Ended the day with a glass of wine and some blog reading.
Today Max is feeling a little better, no fever, but a sleepy guy. I almost think maybe he had mono or something of the sort. Dr. said it was nothing they could see. 
Tonight Sidda was very lively, she was singing and walking all over the place! I ran to go order a pizza and when I came back she had emptied a box of kleenex. Instead of scolding (after all I am the one who left the box in her reach) we made it into snow. We threw it up in the air and watched it float down. She does know what the kleenex's are for because she was pretending to blow her nose, which was totally cute (especially because she did have some nasty green ones hanging around). 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Well once again I have realized maybe this blogging world isn't quite for me! Quick Update: My wonderful babies turned one just 4 weeks ago. Sidda is walking all over the place, Max is still taking his time on the whole walking thing. They are getting pretty rough with each other: pushing, biting, hitting, pinching. Yikes!

On for career news... I am switching to first grade next year! It will be a huge change, but I am looking forward to it, in fact I am totally excited! I also just finished up my 2nd semester of my master's!

Might be blogging more often to sort out my thoughts and plans for first grade :) Plus summer time should allow for some more free time!