Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Doctor's Appt.

With less than 6 days to go and no more doctor's appointments we are very anxious/excited for the arrival of our twins!
Monday, I met with the specialist for measurements. Their growth has definitely slowed down, but they are still doing great. Max weighed in at 5 lbs. 12 oz. and Sidda at 5 lbs. 5 oz. (Of course these are approximations based on length measurements/gestational age). Doctor said they are quite squished inside... which I can only imagine!!
On Tuesday we met with my doctor and he was happy to see that I was still pregnant. It cracks me up every time I go, because he always comments on how skinny my ankles are. He even explained to Brett that he rarely see's pregnant ladies keep their ankle size let alone one who is carrying two.
Both babies are still moving like crazy, so much for their movement "slowing down." My principal promised me things would get better once they were stuck, but unfortunately for me they don't care how cramped they are. In the last two days Siddalee has totally bruised my right ribs and keeps kicking hard on my right side. Laura told me I will miss feeling them move inside me once they are out, but I am not so sure about that!
My energy level has been like a roller coaster, two days in a row of mad house cleaning and then completely out of it the next two days. Brett and I have been keeping up with our daily walks and I have been keeping up with my chocolate milkshakes (not too much longer until I feel guilty having a daily milkshake).

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  1. having my lil man was such an amazing experience, can't imagine having two. how fun! and as for the milkshakes... if you nurse, you can continue to have them! You need lots of calories to keep up with all that feeding ;)