Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Well my morning didn't start off as dreamy as I had hoped, with a baby running a fever and a sleepy husband, however it ended nicely. We had a wonderful trip to the Legends. We ate at Famous Dave's, which I love, love, love! Then we headed over to the shopping area. Ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes for the kids, how did that happen? OH well they were super cute and one of the pairs was only $1.89 and that was with tax!! Ended the day with a glass of wine and some blog reading.
Today Max is feeling a little better, no fever, but a sleepy guy. I almost think maybe he had mono or something of the sort. Dr. said it was nothing they could see. 
Tonight Sidda was very lively, she was singing and walking all over the place! I ran to go order a pizza and when I came back she had emptied a box of kleenex. Instead of scolding (after all I am the one who left the box in her reach) we made it into snow. We threw it up in the air and watched it float down. She does know what the kleenex's are for because she was pretending to blow her nose, which was totally cute (especially because she did have some nasty green ones hanging around). 

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