Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random 15 month pictures!

So I needed to use up the last of my picture people membership and I happened to come across a Groupon. So with two babies, one on each hip, a diaper bag, and an extra bag of clothes we made it just in time for our appointment. They were running all over the place, escaping the picture room, and Sidda almost shut down their computer, but I caught her hand just in time! We finally got settled with the photographer. Max was not having it... he did not want to sit, stand, or lay down. We tried sunglasses, hats, balls, flowers... nothing was working! We encouraged kisses... but Max didn't want Siddalee inches within his face. The photographer captured this ADORABLE picture of him pushing her away :)

It's always funny though, despite the fact that I was literally sweating from chasing them around during the photo shoot... the pictures turn out cute. Somewhere in the mix we are able to catch some adorable smiles.

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