Monday, November 7, 2011

Pinterest... my new love!

Okay so I have filled up my pinterest... added like 6 new boards in one evening. My husband tells me I need to stop and actually create some of my loves instead of stock piling ideas. So I decided he was right. I don't want to overwhelm myself with ideas. So I am now setting goals for my pinterest projects!

First things first:
Finish Turkey Onesies
Siddalee's Thanksgiving tutu
Make Siddalee's Zebra onesie for pictures.
Make Max's Tie onesie for pictures.

Long Term Goals:
Organize craft "room" -Use formula canisters to organize buttons, markers, scissors, etc.
Gather ideas for 1st birthday and bathroom (summer projects)

And in the meantime I will squeeze in my master's assignments ;) Does a graduate gpa mean anything? Hopefully not, sounds like I'm going to be distracted! It's funny how things change. All my crafty ideas and free time went to my classroom and now it's all on my own kids. Guess it's just a part of growing up :)

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