Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trying to get in the habit...

Wow, so this so far has turned out to be a failure. I guess I'm just not the blogging type, but I will try and get better.
Max and Sidda are now a little over 6 months old! I absolutely cannot believe how fast the time flies. They get to be more and more fun every day. They are ticklish, recognizing humor, and love to grab everything! Siddalee always pinches at my neck, which feels lovely as you can imagine. Max is quite the little trouble maker already, typical boy! He is grabbing everything and stealing toys from sister. If I give Siddalee a toy he steals it, if I replace the toy he took he rolls over and takes that one too. The other day he was using both hands holding the toys away from her. Siddalee isn't innocent either. One day she was sitting in the exersaucer and I was holding Max next to it. He started spinning one of the toys. She spun around quickly put her hand on the toy and glared at him. She did not want him playing with her toy. It was quite hilarious!
They are loving solids now! Max had a rough start, was getting to his tummy quick enough :) But now they love it, their favorite is definitely carrots!
We are getting their pictures taken in a couple of weeks... so excited. I'm holding off on Max until he starts sitting up a little better! Sidda has a zebra pettiskirt and I just bought material to make a onesie for her. I am planning on making a onesie with a tie for Max. Also have lots of new flowers/bows to assemble.
Attached are some halloween pictures... my little frog and flower! Max was not very happy that day, but Sidda was totally infatuated with her pumpkin!

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