Sunday, February 5, 2012


So far this new year has been full of new endeavors! The twins not only are crawling EVERYWHERE, but are also pulling up on things. Siddalee loves to get on the laptops and bang around, daddy always says she trying to set up her own facebook account. Max loves crawling under/through things. His favorite places are under Joy's coffee table and under our exersaucers or chairs. They are both so much fun! They are happy, funny, and just too darn cute!
We finally made it to church after several weekends in a row of failed attempts. They kept falling asleep or throwing massive fits (because they were tired) right as it was time to head out the door. This time we tried for the 9:00 am service and made it! They loved playing in the nursery!
I am working away on getting ready for their first birthday. I made a mock up skirt for Sidda last night... thank goodness I decided to do a practice skirt, it is way too big! I have also decided to attempt a vest for Max. Trying not to leave my big guy out :)
My next task is to make a banner to hang up on their big day. I bought some paper to match the colors of their party now I just need to get started.
Want something like this just can't make it too girly!

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